New London Adult & Continuing Education

Special Programs

Transitions Program

The Transitions Program puts the focus on career planning, training programs, college prep and financial aid.

The Transitions Program is available to all current GED, Credit Diploma and ESL students enrolled at New London Adult and Continuing Education.

Students receive assistance from the Transitions Associate with career planning, college information, training information, college application completion, financial aid information and FAFSA application completion, as well as Accuplacer test registration.

The program also offers trips to area colleges. This past year included visits to University of Connecticut at Avery Point, Three Rivers Community College and Mitchell College. We also host mini college fairs and have speakers from additional higher education institutions present to students.

Students utilize a variety of resources for career planning including: the National College Transition Network’s Career and College Awareness curriculum and College for Adults websites. 

Please contact: Meg Mahon, Transition to Post-Secondary Program Associate for an appointment at (860) 437-2385 ext. 103 or email:

Job, Education and Training

Job, Education and Training prepares students for the future.

JET is an employment and training program for eligible out -of-school youths between the ages of 17-24. Funded by the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board, the program is designed to assist eligible youth who want to move from high school dropout to high school graduate and/or to advance from unemployed or underemployed to gainfully employed and/or to enter college or training programs.

Program components include:

  • Work Readiness Skills: resume creation, interviewing techniques, dress for success, leadership opportunities, and basic computer literacy skills.
  • Career exploration: job shadowing and internships.
  • Education & Training: basic skills, high school diploma or GED offered with flexible schedule and part-time attendance, post-secondary education or occupational skills training, financial assistance and transportation for eligible participants.    

For additional information on this program, please contact Lora Castronova or Patricia Spellman at (860) 437-2385.

Family Literacy

Where parents and children learn together

The Family Literacy program includes four components: adult and parenting education, early childhood education, and interactive literacy activities for the parent and child. The adults attend ESL, high school completion, or GED classes with the focus on improving the skills necessary to lead to employment or post-secondary training.

The adults are enrolled in parenting classes designed to assist them in becoming their child’s first teacher.

The children participate in an age-appropriate early learning program to prepare them for transition to kindergarten and future academic success. Literacy in the home is fostered through parent and child activities centered on children’s books and strategies introduced during parenting class.

For additional information on this program, please contact Laiza Meléndez or Maureen Murphy at (860) 437-2385.

I-BEST Program

Southeastern Connecticut has been identified as one of the slowest regions in the country to recover from the effects of the recent recession. Labor market data shows the region as the most challenged area of the state and underscores the dire need for supportive employment transition programming. The Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) program responds to the needs of those marginalized by educational and workforce skills deficits.

The I-BEST program engages basic education and vocational training instructors in the delivery of a collaborative program of contextualized learning that includes 50% instructional overlap. All areas include employability skills. These trainings, which allow students to explore possible career pathways, focus on a variety of industry clusters.

Introduction to Basic Auto Technician Training

This training program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level automotive technician position.  Students will learn safety in an auto repair shop with the ability to perform a basic tune-up service. The training will include a basic skills component. Upon successful completion of the course, students will obtain an Introduction to Basic Auto Technician Training certificate.

Introduction to Server and Culinary Arts With Food Handler’s Certificate

Students will be trained in basic food service, which includes food handling, nutrition, sanitation, and instruction in the art of cooking, including techniques such as sautéing, baking, and grilling. The training course will include a basic skills education component. The students will develop competencies for a career in food establishments. Those who successfully complete the course and pass the exam will receive a certificate from Ledge Light Health District.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The Certified Nursing Assistant program will provide students with basic nursing skills, classroom and clinical training which includes medical terminology. The program offers the opportunity to receive real life-based experience and practical training. Clinical training is completed in the state-of-the-art lab/classroom at New London Adult Education and a local nursing facility. The training course will include a basic skills education component. Upon successful completion of the course, students will take the State of Connecticut exam for CNA certification.

Customer Service Certification

The Customer Service Certificate program teaches valuable skills that will help students get a job, be successful employees, and work their way up the employment ladder. Students will earn a New London Adult Education Customer Service Certificate after successfully completing the classroom, lab, and independent study requirements. Students will improve basic skills in writing and math, and prepare to take the National Retail Foundation’s Customer Service Certification exam.

Office Receptionist with Medical Terminology Certificate

This program will introduce and prepare students with the basic skills necessary to gain employment in an entry-level office position such as a receptionist, office clerk, office support, or data entry clerk. The training will include computer operations/applications, office and communication skills, medical terminology, and employment skills. The course will also include a basic skills component. Upon successful completion of the course, students will obtain an Office Receptionist with Medical Terminology Certification.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification:  Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook program teaches valuable skills that will help the student obtain an entry-level position or start a career pathway in the IT field.  After successfully completing the classroom, lab, and homework requirements, the student will receive a certificate. Students will prepare to take the National Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exam.

Phlebotomy Certificate

This program prepares students to become Certified Phlebotomy Technicians.  Students learn the components of blood, basic human anatomy, potential complications of a blood draw, proper blood-drawing technique, and collection sequence.  Training includes occupational-specific skills instruction.  Program completion requires 30 successful venipuncture collections, and 10 capillary draws which will be performed in class on fellow students.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to earn the National Certification upon pass the NHA exam.