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GED Test Content Information

General Educational Development (GED)

  • The GED Exam is a four-part battery which consists of: Reading Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. Test items are multiple choice, short answer, extended response, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank question formats. Writing is required in three of the four tests and mathematical questions are also included in the Science and Social Studies test components.

GED Test Content:

RLA - Focuses upon informational texts (75%) including nonfiction drawn from science, social studies and workplace contexts and literature (25%). These texts reflect a range of complexity levels, in terms of ideas, syntax and style.  The writing tasks, or Extended Response (ER) items, require test-takers to analyze source texts and use evidence drawn from the texts to support their answers.

Mathematical Reasoning  - Covers two major content areas: quantitative problem solving (45%) and algebraic problem solving (55%). Problem solving skills are measured by questions from both academic and workforce contexts. Candidates are provided with an on-screen calculator.

Science - Focuses upon three areas:  life science (40%), physical science (40%), and earth and space science (20%).The test includes items that test textual analysis and understanding, data representation and inference skills, as well as problem solving that centers on the themes of human health and living systems and energy and related systems.

Social Studies - Covers four major content areas: civics and government (50%), US history (20%), economics (15%),  and geography and the world(15%). Two major themes are emphasized: the development of modern liberties and democracy.

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